French Lessons & Objectives

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En ville
  • To describe your town, its public buildings and places of interest
  • To ask and give directions
  • To talk about the various places you go during the week and on weekends
  • To describe your house or apartment

Le shopping
  • To name and describe the clothes you wear
  • To discuss style
  • To shop for clothes and other items
  • To make comparisons

Le Temps Libre
  • To discuss your weekend activities
  • To talk about individual summer and winter sports
  • To describe what you do to help around the house
  • To describe your vacation and travel plans
  • To describe what you did and where you went yesterday, last week or last summer

Les repas
  • To talk about your favorite foods
  • To describe the different meals of the day
  • To prepare a shopping list and do the grocery shopping
  • To order a meal in a restaurant
  • To set the table

La Francophonie
  • To identify various francophone countries

Mardi Gras
  • To talk about Mardi Gras