What should I do when I get to class?
When you get to class, you should
  1. Take your assigned seat
  2. Take out last night’s homework
  3. Write tonight’s homework assignment in your agenda
  4. Begin your do now

What are Madame Marzulla’s classroom rules?
  1. Respect your fellow classmates and your teacher at all times.
  2. Come prepared to learn by bringing your binder, textbook, a pen/pencil and a positive attitude to class every day.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Food and gum interfere with oral communication. Please leave these items in your backpack or locker
  5. Ask for clarification the minute you are confused. There are no dumb questions.

What happens if I misbehave?
  • Warning, Before/after school detention
  • E-mail or phone call home
  • Office referral
Severe disruption: Student sent immediately to office.

How is my grade determined?
Grades are based on a point system. Each grade you receive (quizzes, test, oral presentation, project, homework, class participation, etc.) will be worth a certain number of points. At the end of the marking period, the total number of points earned will be divided by the total number of points possible. Each grade has the following weight for the quarter grade
Class Participation 25%
Homework 15%
Assessments 60%
Class Participation
Class participation is a key component in practicing your communicative skills, which are essential in language proficiency. Participation involves more than just raising your hand. You have to be attentive, participate in partner activities, speak in French formally and informally, and come to class prepared. Self-assessments will be conducted from time to time in order to keep you focused on your progress in this area.
It is necessary to practice French daily in order to build a solid foundation for future lessons. In order to accomplish this objective, homework will be assigned. I will post your weekly assignments, quizzes, tests on the board and on my website. If you have been absent, you will know the assignment that has been missed.
You will be assessed formally and informally through a variety of means to include quizzes, tests and projects.
  • Speaking/Listening/ Participation: This includes: oral participation grades, spoken interaction/role-plays, spoken interviews, oral presentations of projects, and listening assessments.
  • Reading/Writing: This includes: reading and contextual written assessments, projects, notebook checks, essays, and homework assignments collected and graded.

What should I do if I am absent?
Be sure to check with your class partner, who will have filled out a “While you were absent” slip and attached any handouts. Consult the homework page for your class on my wikipage. It is your responsibility to arrange make-up quizzes and tests with me; I will not remind you. In the case of a planned excused absence, you are responsible for getting your work ahead of time and for being prepared when you return to class. When a graded assignment or a test is planned on a day you know you will be absent, please make arrangements with me before the absence.

What should I do if I forget my homework?
You will not fail for missing a homework assignment. If I am collecting the homework assignment, I will let you hand it in the next day ONLY for half credit. However, if we go over the homework assignment the day it is due in class, you may not make it up for credit. I do recommend, however, that you complete it and check it with a classmate's so that you can use it to study for a quiz.

I forgot to write down the homework assignment and can’t remember what it is! What should I do?
Go to my webpage marzulla.wikispaces.com & click on your class. You will see a link for the homework page. If you do not have access to a computer, call a classmate.

I don't understand the homework. What can I do?
Call a friend first. You can e-mail me at alexandra.marzulla@edison.k12.nj.us . I usually check my email in the evening. If you still don't understand, please come see me before or after class and we can arrange some time for extra help!

May I do extra credit to boost my grade?
For the most part, I do not offer extra credit. If I offer extra credit, I will announce it to the entire class. I do not give individual extra credit assignments.

How do I get in touch with Madame Marzulla outside of school?
You can e-mail me @ alexandra.marzulla@edison.k12.nj.us. I will check my e-mail at least once each evening after school.